Imagine waking up every day and throwing off the covers in sheer excitement because you're living a life you absolutely love!


Are you ready to



With Alisa & Mike's proven system, they will guide you to

take back control of your life and most important relationships.

Leave stress behind and learn how to stop letting life

pass you by

Move out of the fog of confusion and discover the clarity you seek

Live a life that fires you up

(and in months... not years)

Apply to join our next cohort and work within a focused container with experienced coaches, accountability and a supportive community... to start living your best life and stop wasting time.

You are in the
right place if you:

Are ready to be the best version of yourself for your family, colleagues, and everyone you care about

Know something is missing in life but you aren't sure exactly what it is

Want to learn techniques and rituals to slow down the chaos and busyness of everyday life

Are tired of feeling like life is passing you by and that you are wasting precious time

Want to stop missing out on experiences with friends and loved ones

Tired of feeling burnt out, distracted, and disconnected... as if your business is running you

Are ready to walk through life with

magnetic confidence

Want to enjoy you life with more freedom, time, and fun!

The Tranformation

A Portal to step into your best life!


Here's what you get inside

✔️ ​10 MODULE VIDEO COURSE | Tap into the power of your mind and body to break free from societal expectations and live a fully authentic life. You will learn to get unstuck, gain clarity, discover purpose, live in the moment and begin loving life. LIFETIME ACCESS

✔️ ​WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY MISSIONS | Supercharge your journey with these dynamic, hands-on missions will turn theory into action. This course is not just about learning something new but transforming your newfound knowledge into tangible results.

​✔️ WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS | Join your coaches for weekly live coaching sessions to receive focused accountability, direct guidance, and real-time support.

​✔️ 24/7 COMMUNITY ACCESS | Our community is a place where you will connect and network with other inspiring and like-minded humans, learn best practices, get feedback on your work, share wins, and get answers to your questions.


✔️ PRIVATE 2:1 COACHING SESSION | You will receive dedicated attention from two experienced coaches, ensuring personalized guidance and support tailored specifically to your needs and goals. This exclusive opportunity allows for deeper exploration, breakthroughs, and actionable strategies to propel you towards your desired outcomes with precision and clarity.

✔️ ​9D BREATHWORK EXPERIENCE | We will embark on five biweekly 9D Breathwork sessions thorough our journey together. Discover the incredible power of 9D Breathwork and watch as it revolutionizes your life! Imagine having a secret superpower that can boost your energy, reduce stress, and unlock your full potential – that's what 9D Breathwork can do for you. Alisa is 1 of only 550 facilitators in the world that is certified to guide this magical experience.

✔️ ​MASTERY UNLEASHED EXCLUSIVE WORKSHOP SERIES | In these five private, bi-weekly hands on workshops you will learn to squash your limiting beliefs, let go of what is holding you back and learn game changing tips and tools to get recentered and focused.

✔️ ​VIP WELCOME GIFTS | We thought of everything you possibly could need to make this journey even more powerful, and these gifts will be delivered to your doorstep.

"LESS STRESSED in 30" Money-Back Guarantee
We are so confident that if you follow the program, we GUARANTEE that you feel more relaxed and joyful after just 30 days. If you don't, you get your MONEY-BACK.


About Us

Alisa and Mike Messeroff are former New York City 9-5ers, now a power couple living in Costa Rica and helping others discover their true selves and live conscious, soul-aligned lives.

Alisa is an Intuitive Mindset and Business Coach, Channeler, and Healer (through modalities such as Reiki and Breathwork), and Mike is a Personal Freedom Coach, Mindfulness and
Stress-Relief Expert, Philosopher, Writer, and Speaker.

Alisa and Mike love helping people awaken to their authentic lives and let go of societal expectations, however, the path from corporate to living free was anything but a straight line.

Globetrotting adventures, ski town depression, battling severe illness, and relationship turmoil all helped Alisa and Mike realize that true joy and fulfillment can only be found in one place…within.

Now, Alisa and Mike (married 14 years ) are on a “Mission of Mindfulness”, sharing stories and techniques that help others to discover presence, alignment, inner guidance, purpose and personal freedom.

The Inner Evolution Method


In the first phase of The Transformation, you will discover the most important key to unlocking your deepest desires. You will learn how to live in the moment and stop letting life pass you by. You will also begin to see how your past conditioning affects your decisions and perspective of the world and, more importantly, how to install new programs that will allow you to live a fulfilling and joyful life. You will begin showing up in life as the person you want to be for yourself and everyone you care about.


Now that the rough waters have calmed, you will begin to see your reflection more clearly than ever. In this phase of The Transformation, we dive into the deepest introspection of your life as you learn who you truly are and why you are alive. Your purpose and passions will become clear and the vision for your most fulfilling life will be illuminated. As you learn to confront your fears, you will become unstoppable.


In the final phase of The Transformation, you will feel your life effortlessly move into a place of authenticity, ease, and joy. Here you will learn how to use your emotions as guides and begin to harness the powerful Law of Attraction to begin living a life that lights your soul on fire. Get ready to feel inspired, fulfilled, enthusiastic about life, and more confident than ever as you leave your old self behind, step into the most empowered and authentic version of yourself, and begin to enjoy the journey here and now.

It's time to reclaim your life!

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